Why You Might Need A Health Advocate

If you get sick requiring dealing with specialists and hospitals, a healthcare advocate can be extremely important. A healthcare advocate can be family, friend, hired professional, or your primary care physician. He or she helps you ask questions and makes sure you are getting the information concerning your illness. Many healthcare advocates have a solid…

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Tis The Season of Influenza

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Flu symptoms may begin suddenly, the virus doesn’t tend to be speedy and you can be contagious before you even realize it. The influenza virus which causes the flu may last one to four days before you begin to experience symptoms. Then it can hit you hard. You will be feeling relatively fine, and then…

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Dealing With Allergies

Hay fever, or allergic rhinitis, is one of the most common ailments. Close to 20 million people were told last year by a doctor that they have hay fever. Hay fever describes the allergic symptoms that occur when the body’s immune system releases chemicals upon exposure to airborne allergens such as pollens, dust, animal dander…

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Getting Informed About Multiple Sclerosis

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Dr. Kumkum Modwel recommends: The immune system serves as the body’s natural defense against harmful outsiders like pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms. Its job is to identify potential threats, create antibodies against future attacks and destroy the threat, if possible. Sometimes, however, something goes wrong with this complex system. Instead of protecting…

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The Facts About Endometriosis

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Dr. Kumkum Modwel recommends: Endometriosis is a disease affecting many women around the world. Since it involves a very private matter in a woman’s life (her menstrual cycle), this condition may not be talked about like it should. Unfortunately, when it’s not discussed openly or in public forums, women can’t get the information they need…

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Is an Anti-Inflammatory Diet Right for You?

By: Community Health Associates Are you troubled by chronic health conditions like skin problems, allergies, endometriosis, celiac disease or rheumatoid arthritis? If so, you might benefit from talking to your primary care physician about starting an anti-inflammatory diet. Inflammation: Why it’s a Problem Inflammation is a completely normal, and typically welcome, factor in the human body.…

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Stroke: What You Need To Know

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Dr. Kumkum Modwel recommends: Strokes are among the leading causes of death in the United States, affecting hundreds of thousands of people each year. Have you talked with your primary care physician to discuss your risk of stroke? Learning how to identify strokes and respond accordingly can save your life or the life of someone you care…

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Dr. Kumkum Modwel Recommends: What Is A URI? An upper respiratory tract infection, or upper respiratory infection (URI), is an acute infection of the head and chest, affecting the nasal passages, throat, sinuses and/or ears. URIs are contagious and very common, with more than 3 million cases each year in United States. Most URIs resolve…

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