Tis The Season of Influenza

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Flu symptoms may begin suddenly, the virus doesn’t tend to be speedy and you can be contagious before you even realize it. The influenza virus which causes the flu may last one to four days before you begin to experience symptoms. Then it can hit you hard. You will be feeling relatively fine, and then…

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Getting Informed About Multiple Sclerosis

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Dr. Kumkum Modwel recommends: The immune system serves as the body’s natural defense against harmful outsiders like pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria or other microorganisms. Its job is to identify potential threats, create antibodies against future attacks and destroy the threat, if possible. Sometimes, however, something goes wrong with this complex system. Instead of protecting…

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The Facts About Endometriosis

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Dr. Kumkum Modwel recommends: Endometriosis is a disease affecting many women around the world. Since it involves a very private matter in a woman’s life (her menstrual cycle), this condition may not be talked about like it should. Unfortunately, when it’s not discussed openly or in public forums, women can’t get the information they need…

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Understanding Lupus

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By: Community Health Associates Lupus Overview You may have heard about lupus due to increased media attention brought on by celebrities like singer Selena Gomez, who opened up about her experiences with the condition. Or, you may have a friend or family member who lives with lupus. Greater knowledge and attention about this chronic condition…

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Lyme Disease Prevention Tips for You and Your Family

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By: Community Health Associates People living in the Northeast are no strangers to ticks, as nearly everyone has had at least one encounter with these pesky creatures. The warm weather in spring and summer lures the tiny arthropods out from hiding, which means more tick bites and tick-borne illnesses, such as Lyme disease. All ticks,…

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The Benefits Of Blueberries

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By: Community Health Associates Blueberries are a powerful superfood that you should be eating every single day to stay healthy. Here Are Just A Few Of The Numerous Benefits That Blueberries Offer: Packed with antioxidants and phytoflavinoids One study found that consuming a cup of blueberries per week could lower blood pressure and perhaps speed…

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Women At Greater Risk For Osteoporosis

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By: Community Health Associates Did you know that being a woman puts you at a greater risk for developing osteoporosis than it does for men? Likewise, your risk of having fractures or broken bones as a result of osteoporosis increases as you age. Statistics from the National Osteoporosis Foundation reveal that out of the 10…

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