Who Wants To Live Forever?…The Super-Rich That’s Who (And Most Everyone Else)

Not only do many of the super-rich want immortality, but a good number of them are doing something about it. The likes of Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google, Larry Ellison, Co-founder of Oracle, and investor Peter Thiel are all putting money into ventures that are focused on extending the human life span.


A multitude of approaches being taken are aiming for immortality…or, at the very least, a much longer and healthier life. There is the idea of merging artificial intelligence with humans to avert death. By transferring your consciousness into an artificial brain, you will continue to live even though your body is worn out. Cryogenics is being seriously considered. Here they freeze your body and, at a minimum, your head until the field of medicine advances enough to bring you back.


Hacking our DNA is another approach being taken. Our ability to use stem cells to cure disease is becoming increasingly an opportunity. Very possibly using stem cell technology, as well as modifications to our DNA, can result in significantly longer fruitful lives. Today, some people are using a procedure called parabiosis. In 1924 a physician by the name of Alexander Bogdanov transfused himself with the blood of younger people claiming it helped him become younger. (He died when he took the blood of a student with malaria and tuberculosis.)


According to Daniel Carlin, M.D., CEO of WorldClinic and author of The World of Concierge Medicine, “Medicine is advancing where it is possible to extend the lives of people, and we’re seeing a solid percentage of the wealthy are taking steps to benefit from these advances. At WorldClinic, we’re very focused on longevity planning. Our goal is to use state-of-the-art medical science to enable our clients to live longer in good health. We’re finding more and more people signing up with us who are most interested in longevity.”


The super-rich are investing in cutting-edge medical research to live longer, and concierge healthcare companies, such as WorldClinic, are taking available knowledge and approaches to help give their affluent clients longer healthy lives.


Other physicians are also taking steps to foster longevity in their patients. “Wellness is an often tossed around term, but for us it’s all about living a great life and living a long life,” says Jeffrey Friedman M.D., Director of Medicine at Community Health Associates and a member of MDVIP. “Our practice is designed to not only treat patients when they’re ill, but to work with them to prevent them becoming sick and to live a very long life.”


It is very likely that medical advances will result in much longer lifespans, and a good number of the super-rich are putting substantial resources into finding solutions to death. In the meantime, people can often take steps that will increase the probability of them living longer, healthy lives. Physicians like Carlin and Friedman can help to achieve this goal.