Your Newtown, Connecticut Primary Care Doctor


As a Newtown, Connecticut primary care doctor’s office, Community Health Associates and Doctor Jeffrey P. Friedman have been serving the medical community for over 35 years. Within our relaxing office setting, our family practice is focused on helping patients reach their pinnacle in health through not only treating illness as it happens but through informative and preventative healthcare.

At Community Health Associates our experienced healthcare team, including Dr. Kumkum Modwel, Cheryl Rosenthal, APRN, and Michelle Young, APRN, provides Primary Care Service for your family. Our highly trained professional staff treats both illnesses and injuries. We emphasize education on a variety of topics, such as nutrition, exercise, weight loss, diabetic training, cancer/cardiac risk factors, and stress reduction, to promote wellness across the life span.

Our team also provides care and counseling to school aged children, young adults, teens and their parents. We provide school, sports, camp physicals, and required immunizations.

Community Health Associates places an emphasis on prevention, health education, and community service, which has earned us a reputation as premier primary care health providers in Newtown, Connecticut. At Community Health Associates, we want you to find everything you need – quality healthcare services, skilled and compassionate providers, and an experienced and highly skilled administrative staff, all of whom care about you and your family.