Our Medical Philosophy

Newtown Connecticut Family Doctor – Our Medical Philosophy

Community Health Associates has created a reputation over the past 35 years for providing elite health care to our patients. As a Newtown Connecticut family doctor’s office, we believe in unrushed, relationship-based office visits. This gives every patient the proper quality attention they need, and allows us to fully understand and treat their individual health needs. We are also passionate believers in educating our patients, both in-person and online, about new discoveries in the ever-evolving world of health (click here to read our informative blog posts). We act as a reliable source of information and encourage our patients to take part in healthy lifestyles so that they get sick less often and feel their best every day.

Natural Health Supplements

We believe a large part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is getting the proper vitamins and nutrients for your individual health needs. Community Health Associates is happy to be able to offer a variety of all natural supplements, unlike what you’ll find in the grocery store. Additionally, unlike other vitamins and supplements, our products can only be sold by licensed medical professionals to ensure they have been third party tested and include the full amount of ingredients you need while leaving out anything that could be damaging to your health. Learn more about our line of vitamins and nutritional supplements by clicking the button below.